Why Choose our Firm?

  Know the financial standing of your business
  We deliver timely, accurate financial statements to you monthly so that you can know how your business is performing.
Know what it costs for your accounting services
  Our package of monthly accounting services are provided for a low fixed monthly fee. Our resonable rates are priced much lower than many other CPA firms which will save you money.
No need to pay extra for a 10 or 15 minute phone call
  As part of our low fixed monthly fee, you will receive unlimited consultations on the phone, E-Mail or in our office on accounting matters related to your monthly financial statements. We do not charge extra for these consultations because we want to encourage communication between us, save you money and help you succeed.
Avoid getting a surprise tax bill on April 15th
  We provide you with monthly financial statements that let you constantly monitor your tax bill. In addition, we encourage each of our small business clients to meet with us each fall to estimate their tax liability. .
We communicate in plain English
  We speak ordinary English. Sure we know the complicated accounting terms, but our job is to make sure you know how to make money and save taxes. We pride ourselves in being able to clearly communicate our ideas to you. .
You are a first priority client to us
  All of our clients are small to medium size businesses and are all important to us. We treat all our clients as first class clients, because they are the only clients that we want to have. We aim to help our clients achieve their financial and operational goals and be successful.
No surprises in accounting fees charged you
  Our low monthly fee will take care of most of your accounting needs. However, you may need some additional services or ask that we perform a large project for you. In that case, we will charge extra, but will provide you an estimate of the cost before we start work.
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