Our Firm Policies

  We Exist to Serve Our Clients:

We are dedicated to helping our clients grow and prosper by providing them with top quality and affordable accounting services. Our firm desires to serve the needs of our clients. Our policy is to ensure that all our clients receive a fair value for the fees that they pay for accounting services.

Timely and Complete Work:

We will always have our client's monthly accounting work completed and returned within ten (10) business days from the date that we receive all the necessary information. The 10 business days cycle begins on the first day that we receive all the information necessary to complete the work.

Quality Control:

Our firm has quality control procedures in place to make sure that we catch any errors before they become an issue for a client. For example, every tax return that we prepare is reviewed by at least two (2) accountants to verify that it is completed correctly before the client reviews our work.

Due Dates are Important to us:

We will always return the client's reports at least one day before they are due. For example, sales tax reports are due to the state on the 20th of the month and we will be have these reports prepared and delivered to our client at least by the 19th of the month so that clients have an opportunity to review them before they are submitted.

Response Times:

We will always return phone calls and E-Mail messages promptly and the same day, if at all possible. Client calls or E-Mail messages are never returned more than 24 hours later.

Client Communication:

We will communicate with our clients to let them know the status of their work. If for some reason that we are unable to meet the date which was originally promised, we will advise our clients promptly of the reasons why so that they will not feel ignored. We will also promptly reschedule with a client to complete the requested work timely.

Set Monthly Fee for Business Clients:

Our monthly accounting clients are charged a set monthly fee for preparing their monthly accounting work, because we utilize an all-inclusive pricing structure. Our monthly quoted fees include most of our firm's services except for income tax returns, state franchise tax reports and unusual non-recurring items. Examples of non-recurring items are IRS exams, installation of accounting systems, business acquisitions, requested projects, audit and review services.

We Correct Any Errors We Make:

We will always correct any errors that we make without additional charge to our clients. Our quality control procedures are designed to prevent errors. However, if we have caused any additional interest or penalty for our clients, we will pay it for them. We will own up to our any errors that we may have caused and make good on them if they happen.

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